| The Indoor Rain Room Shoot |

Finally after weeks and weeks of figuring out a shoot, a location and a concept, Katie and I were finally able to shoot together and create in FD Studio’s Rain Room (Downtown Los Angeles). With not much time to shoot, we started with a few dry test shots, I determined the lighting that I wanted to use for this (95% of the shots were with a single strobe) and then we turned on the showers!


Towards the end of the shoot, I switched to my Sony and shot a short video- replacing the strobe with a single source LED panel. Throughout the shoot, a challenge was of course keeping the equipment in mind and not getting water on it, but another challenge that I didn’t notice till post, was that the water was so hot that it actually affected the model’s upper chest skin color, so that had to be adjusted in post.

All in all, this was a fun shoot, Katie brought the energy needed and was a trooper being in water for about 2 hours. Links below!

Linked here is the video we created as well: https://youtu.be/ea0dXB8_IgQ

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