| Doing Product Photography in the SNOW |

My roommate and I were sitting around a few days ago, talking about wanting to go to the snow and how capturing sunrise would be so cool- that happened around 3 AM. so naturally By 4 AM, we decided that we were going to commit; which meant going to bed for 60 minutes, then waking up, packing a coffee, gear and layers and heading out!

We got to Big Bear right as sunrise happened, and surprisingly there was still a good amount of snow for us to trek around in and take photos with. For New Years I had gotten these amazing Photography gloves as a gift from my friend and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to mock up some product/lifestyle shots of the gloves in action (The gloves btw, if you’re interested: https://us.photographygloves.com//?us).

To end the trip, we got the most amazing breakfast at this dinner that was one of the only ones open that early- again, amazing, so amazing that it food-coma-ed us the entire ride home. Worth it. Portraits of me taken by Glen.